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Category: Science Fiction

Released: 14 December 2020

In this live-action adaptation of the beloved fairytale, old woodcarver Gepetto (Roberto Benigni), fashions a wooden puppet, Pinocchio (Federico Ielapi), who magically comes to life. Pinocchio longs for adventure and is easily led astray, encountering magical beasts, fantastical spectacles, while ma

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Amazon UKThis title will be released on December 14, 2020. Pre-order now.£7.99
+ Delivery: £2.99
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ZavviPreorder now£8.99
+ Delivery: £1.99
Go to shop Pre-order , Due for release on 14 December 2020£13.99
+ Delivery: £0.00
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HiveOut of stock£18.75
+ Delivery: £0.00
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[Last updated 2nd December 2020]